About us

About us
Get away? From fatigue, from thoughts, from yourself. I’ve been looking for such a place for a long time. I have found it in the Srem plain, very close to the lifeline of modern civilization. The Stojsic Salas, surrounded by ploughland, nestled amidst plum and apple, pear and quince.

It is guarded by all but a century-old poplars. The house with a porch is reminiscent of home and long forgotten values. And in the shade of an old mulberry tree, a traveler, as well as a random curious visitor, will find oblivion and new love, with the scent of black locust and sound of tamburitza, good wine and delicacies of the Srem cuisine.

Dear lovers of nature, tradition, and plain, we present you our family business.
In the Srem plain, on the Beska – Krcedin road (right beside Belgrade – Novi Sad highway), there lies the homestead (Serbian: salas) of the Stojšić family.

Salas offers local cuisine – fresh, homemade food, drinks, and accommodation amid gorgeous greenery.
Salas is open every day, and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, you can enjoy the sounds of the tamburitza.

Next to the house, a mulberry tree was planted, as it happens at homesteads mainly to provide shelter from heat, which still spreads its treetop over the summer garden. All around, there are also trees of black locust, walnut, and poplar.

The entrance to the Salas is adorned by the row of eighty-year-old poplars.